PPC Press Release Wall Street, May 25th, 2020

Perpetual Charity Corporation is raising USD 100 million in equity to finance the largest to date and first charity initial public offering in the history of human kind.

Perpetual Charity Corporation was conceived with the principle of being the first company to integrate three disparate functions: a charity analysis and a charity performance rating agency, a social impact financial company and a source of charity funding. Its overriding principle is to bring transparency to the charity world and thereby facilitate and hopefully increase charitable giving.

Perpetual Charity Corporation openly called upon:

Wall Street Community through a video and a website,
Broadway Community through a video and a website,
Hollywood Community through a video and a website, and
Silicon Valley Community through a video and a website to call attention to its mission and to its initial fundraising.

Perpetual Charity Corporation will offer:

  • returns to the investor.
  • financing to the most competitive charities.
  • integration of charity into the daily course of business.
  • free charity analysis of every major charitable organization to help donors decide.
  • charity rating agency evaluating every major charitable organization’s performance.

Perpetual Charity Corporation focuses on generating a perpetual income stream primarily using real estate assets.

Marc René DESCHENAUX, founder, international legal advisor, Wall Street expert in equities & debt financings focused on IPOs and president of Experts Without Borders, declared:

“I am convinced that Perpetual Charity Corporation will bring full disclosure and transparency to the charity world, will bridge the gap between charity and business, and will be the first integrator of charity as a daily activity of business. Our initial financing will be a USD 100 Million private equity offering followed as quickly as possible by a USD 30 Billion Initial Public Offering on NASDAQ.”

Phone: +41 78 924-9594 GMT+2 (Geneva, Switzerland time)

Richard M. Greenberg, Chief Legal Officer of Perpetual Charity Corporation, attorney-at-law, founder of G&D law firm, financier and producer of major motion pictures, declared:

“The Covid pandemic teaches us that corporations and individuals need to make Charities and Businesses more sustainable and more resilient, so that we can all accomplish our goals as a global society. Perpetual Charity Corporation will enable us all to give more and give better and more importantly to incorporate donation in our everyday activities.”

Phone: +1 (310) 873-8152 PST

Ralph “Ray” Hornblower III, Chief Partnerships Officer at Perpetual Charity Corporation, founder of Hornblower & Co and partner of DH&P, Fifth Generation Wall Street Professional said:

“The wisdom of “love thy neighbor as thyself” is a universal message, present in almost every religion or philosophy. It is time that each of us on Wall Street look beyond “shareholder value,” and devote some greater portion of our time, energies, and fortune to our neighbors, for “everyone” is our neighbor in life. The Perpetual Charity Corporation will encourage investment professionals to become more neighborly.”

Phone: +1 (617) 877-8891 EST

Gene Massey, Chief Marketing Officer at Perpetual Charity Corporation, CEO of MediaShares, Wall Street conferences Star speaker and organizer stated:

“I am happy to actively support this valuable organization. The world needs more organizations like this at this difficult time. As a fine man once told me, “Either we are part of the problem, or part of the solution.“ Knowing this we should always “Love All and Serve All and Help Ever, Hurt Never.”

Phone: +1 (310) 871-3668 PST

Erica K. Drake, Founder & President of Solaradise Corporation declared:

“The brilliant simplicity of PCC’s business model is that it completes the sage, old Chinese Proverb: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed the man for a lifetime.” PCC adds the missing line that turns this judicious lesson into a sustainable, global gamechanger… “Now, give the man seed capital to buy a fishing boat and you can feed the whole village for a lifetime!” PCC empowers and challenges everyone to address their own personal responsibility and to seek their part in finding the longterm solutions we need to make our world a better place.”

Phone: +1 (727) 557-5779 EST

Andrew R. Fetterman, CEO of Solaradise Corporation said:

“Never before has our world needed to find hope as much as we do now. PCC’s business model creates “hope” – not just because it funds charities, but it challenges the financial ecosphere to seek out its own solutions and take responsibility for the world’s challenges. It mixes the beauty of capitalism with the grace of giving and elegantly mixes in the secret ingredient of imagination.”

Phone: +1 (719) 329-4844 EST

Hayet Bouzid, also known as £ady €xpert Investor,wealth manager, business development officer at Experts Without Borders stated:

“Finally, Wall Street power will be ofservice tothe Charity communitythrough a profitable social impact investment product! What a Joy & Relief!”

Phone: +41 79825-8008GMT+2(Geneva, Switzerland Time)

Mohamed Es Fih, Chief Operating Officer at Perpetual Charity Corporation, former United Nations advisor, international expert in e-commerce declared:

“The model that Perpetual Charity Corporation is bringing offers a sustainable source of funding for charities, which can relieve them from the costly patch-funds raising activities, and will allow them to be even more impactful.”

Phone: +34 665 15 33 94 GMT +2 (Ceuta, Spain)

Copies of the Private Offering Memorandum are available free of charge from:

Perpetual Charity Corporation
99 Wall Street Suite 3890
New York NY 10005Phone: +1 212 220 9304
Contact: info@perpetualcharity.com
Website: www.PerpetualCharity.com