PPC Short Summary – June 30th, 2020

Corporate Overview, Capital Structure and Requirements

Perpetual Charity Corporation (“PCC”) is an international finance corporation created to combine caring with capitalism. PCC’s unique hybrid-business model solves three global problems at once.
  1. It builds and funds a sustainable funding-machine for global charities while maintaining a healthy ROI for its investors;
  2. It creates an exclusive, global consortium of the most well-managed charities, that provides support, communications and inter-charity cooperation, and is managed by a dynamic web platform that analyzes the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of all global charities; and
  3. It creates and funds a “global solution-making deal machine” that empowers entrepreneurs, around the globe, to seek-out long-term solutions for our global crises.
PCC is doing a pre-IPO capital raise (See Private Offering Memorandum (POM)) for USD $100 Million. Approximately 12-18 months following the closing of this initial round of funding, PCC intends to do the largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the history of Wall Street for USD $30 Billion to fully fund this dynamic, solution-seeking business plan and its unique 3-step methodology.

Perpetual Charity’s Unique and Sustainable Solutions

PCC has created a unique business model that addresses the three key challenges faced by global charities, and creates three sustainable revenue centers to create a perpetual funding-machine and solutions-making deal machine to solve our worlds’ challenges.

Moreover, PCC is building an exclusive “Club” of some of the smartest, wealthiest and most powerful people in the world that can together vote (democratically and financially) on the funding of innovative and imaginative long-term solutions (that will be created by our world’s best entrepreneurs) that just may help save our precious planet.

PCC’s Solution #1: Revenue-Producing Real Estate Assets

PCC will invest roughly 95% of the $30B funds raised (from its IPO) into 100% equity-owned, low-risk, fully insured, revenue-producing real estate assets.

PCC’s Solution #2: A Consortium and Web Platform that Analyzes and Supports Global Charities

PCC will build a totally transparent global consortium for charities that combines caring supported by capitalism. PCC will create a web platform that analyzes global charities to determine the charities that are the most well-managed, and where their donation capital has the most impact on the global problem. The global public will have access to view all major charities. PCC will set up some criteria such that charities that pass PCC’s comprehensive analysis will earn its “Certified Charity” status and annual donations from PCC and membership into The Global League of Charities.

PCC’s Solution #3: Its 3-Phase Solution-Making and Solution-Funding Machine

PCC will fund and create a global deal-flow-making machine that empowers global entrepreneurs to seekout and create long-term sustainable for-profit start-ups (SFPS) that become our world’s long-term solutions.

PCC will use a 3-Phase Approach that involves three key strategic partnerships:

  1. with a global entrepreneurial training company, Maverick Entrepreneurs (Maverick);
  2. an international brokerage firm, Swiss Investment House (SIH); and
  3. an International IPO Expert Firm, Deschenaux, Hornblower and Partners (DH&P) that has created a revolutionary funding methodology called “Cascading IPO’s.” PCC will integrate these extraordinary companies powerful web platforms together to form a seamless web application to manage these deals.